Living Beyond Reality

In the final days of December 2016 I was invited by the editors of the Lobby Activism book to make a small contribution to a chapter authored by University of North Texas art education scholar Adetty Pérez de Miles. The chapter is called "Vote: What should an Art Educator Do?". I--along with 20 other contributors--was asked to respond to a series of prompts related to the Trump election. I chose to respond to the prompt: "What is the role of the artist and educator at a socio-political time like this?" Since I have been working with educational placards as artistic material, I created a placard for everyday living under the "Trump" sur-reality.  Lobby Activism is co-edited by Karen Keifer-Boyd, Linda Hoeptner-Poling, Sheri Klein, Wanda Knight, Adetty Perez de Miles and it will be published in 2018 by NAEA/Taylor & Francis. 

Although there is no obligation, if you've used the Living Beyond Reality placard (below) and would like to include your documentation on this page, please forward your images with your name and the date of the image's creation through my contact link.