✶ Research Objective

To be immersed in the art/pedagogy/civic-engagement intersection emerging from Conceptual Art into a range of contemporary cultural practices, including—but not limited to—teaching, performance, dematerialization, philosophy, participatory art, collage, studio practices, institutional pliability, new medias, publishing, and writing.

✶ Schooling

2011 PhD The Pennsylvania State University

2008 MS The Pennsylvania State University

2000 BFA The School of the Art Institute of Chicago

✶ Teaching

2017-Present Associate Professor of Art Education, School of Art + Design UIUC. (served as Program Chair, 2016-2019)

2011-2017 Assistant Professor of Art Education, School of Art + Design, UIUC.

2010- 2011 Visiting Assistant Professor of Art Education, School of Art + Design, UIUC.

2007- 2010 Bunton Waller Graduate Fellowship and Teaching Assistantship. The Pennsylvania State University.

2000-2007 Instructor of Art and Art History. Northside College Preparatory High School (grades 9-12), Chicago, IL.

2003 Instructor of painting and drawing. College of DuPage, Glen Ellyn, IL.

2000-2003 Instructor of drawing, The School of the Art Institute of Chicago, (Continuing Studies Program).

1998- 1999 Instructor and Director of Galeria Rompecabezas, Melrose Park, IL.

✶ Honors and Recognitions

2012 Runner-up for Elliot Eisner Doctoral Research Award in Art Education. The National Art Education Association. Recognized at the national conference in New York City, the award is given in recognition of valuable “doctoral research to the profession of art education and its related disciplines”.

2013 Harlan E. and Suzanne Dudley Hoffa Dissertation Award in Art Education. Penn State University.

✶ Presentations/ Invited and Conference

2008 “Raiding the Archives,” Goat Island Summer School Symposium, The School of the Art Institute of Chicago, Chicago, IL (July 26).

2009 “These Are Not Short Stories: Three Videos,” Reed Arts Week, Reed College, Portland, OR (March 4).

2010 “Look Here, No Look There: Teaching as an Artwork of Multiple Middles,” Harold Washington College, Chicago, IL (March 16).

2011 “Performance and Conceptual Art: Approaches at the Secondary Level,” University of Northern Iowa, Cedar Falls, IA (April 14).

2011 “Contemporary Art Practice in the Secondary Classroom,” DePaul University, Chicago, IL (October 20).

2012 “Teacher as Conceptual Artist: Tidbits of Research and Other Proposals for Art Education,” Metropolitan State University of Denver, Denver, CO (March 22).

2012 “We Still Don’t Know How Much Less ‘Nothing’ Can Be,” The Shifting Plane of Performance series, Ontario Institute for Studies in Education, University of Toronto, Toronto, ON (April 27).

2012 “Nearness and Invisibility: Unseen Touch as Pedagogy and Conceptual Art, Simultaneously!,” Brigham Young University, Provo, UT (December 6).

2013 “Teacher as Conceptual Artist,” Educator Salon Lecture Series. Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago, Chicago, IL (February 5).

2013 “Reports From the (I am I) Institute as Material Institute: Projects, Theories, and Documentation(s),” Lamar Dodd School of Art, University of Georgia, Athens, GA (June 27).

2013 “Be Conceptual,” Virginia Commonwealth University, Richmond, VA (September 25).

2013 “Street Art as Public Pedagogy: Learning From the Margins,” Evanston Art Center, Evanston, IL (May 4). Co-panelist: Andres Hernandez, Craig Harshaw, Miguel Aguilar, and Caitlin Bruce.

2013 “Continuing Education and the Artist Lifestyle,” Launch Invitational Residency Lecture. Chicago Artists Coalition, Chicago, IL (June 22). Co-panelist: Allyson Esposito, Cecil McDonald.

2014 “Introduction to Performance Performance,” Syracuse University, Syracuse, NY (June 27).

2014 “No Short Hands (in Exile),” Visiting Artist Lecture. Trinity Christian College, Palos Heights, IL (September 25).

2014 “Scholar’s Studio: The Craft of Visual/izing Research,” Penn State University, University Park, PA (October 14).

2014 “Contemporary Performance Art and the Notions of Flexibility and Duration,” University of British Columbia, Vancouver, Canada (November 19).

2014 “Money, Spaces, Resources, Support, and Community,” Launch Invitational Residency Lecture. Chicago Artists Coalition, Chicago, IL (June 7). Co-panelist: Liz Born, Mike Nourse, and Faheem Majeed.

2014 “Public Expeditions: Artist is Present,” The School of the Art Institute of Chicago, Chicago, IL (June 26). Co-panelists: Hui-min Tsen, Chiara Galimberti, Samantha Hill, Alexandra Eregbu, Victoria Martinez, Leo Selvaggio, Matt Austin, Hope Esser, Collective Cleaners, and Anonima.

2015 “PhDs and Civic Engagement,” Inter-University Program for Latino Research, University of Illinois at Chicago, Chicago, IL (July 29). Co-panelist: Rebecca Vonderlack-Navarro and Francesca Gaiba.

2015 [Keynote lecture] “Art in the Everyday: Social Practice and Lived Experience,” 9th Annual Arts Education Leadership Institute, Center for Integrated Arts Education, University of Northern Colorado, Greely, CO (June 9).

2016 “The BARACKOBAMAPRESIDENTIALLIBRARY,” Beer Summit Lecture Series:, The Blacksidency and the Black Presidential Imaginary, Curated by Ross Stanton Jordan. Hyde Park Art Center, Chicago, IL (January 20).

2016 “School as Material: Conceptual Art Permissions for Teachers,” Remix Your Curriculum Symposium, The Amsterdam University of the Arts, Amsterdam, Holland (April 23). [featured speaker]

2017 “In Everything You Are, Be Conceptual,” 25th Anniversary of the Raclin School of the Arts. Indiana University South Bend, South Bend, IN (March 22). [featured speaker]

2017 “Make from what you do: Proposals for teaching as conceptual art practice and conceptual art practice as teaching,” Utah Valley University, Orem, UT (November 2).

2017 “Tidbits of grace and mercy: Permissions from conceptual art for easy pedagogy,” Brigham Young University, Provo, UT (November 2).

2018 “All conceptual art is just giving things likes,” University of North Texas, Denton, TX (April 16).

2018 “Teacher as conceptual artist: The Amsterdam Collaboration,” Amsterdam University of the Arts, Amsterdam, Holland (May 26).

2018 “Conceptual art from your everyday practice: How the things you already do are works,” KU Leuven (Katholieke Universiteit), Flanders, Belgium (May 29).

2018 (Panel) “Art-Knowledge #4: Arts & Education, “ Literary Theatre Perdu, Amsterdam, Holland (May 31). Co-panelist: Jurgen Bey, Marijke Hoogenboom, Josien Pieterse, Amal Alhaage, and Rene Boer.

✶ Editorships of Journals or Other Learned Publications

2010-current Assistant Editor, Journal of Curriculum and Pedagogy.

2012-2014 Editor of Instructional Resources, Art Education.

2012-2019 Review Board, Journal of Cultural Research and Art Education.

2014 (Summer) Guest Editor, Visual Arts Research: (tidbits) The easiest thing I ever published, 40(1).

2014-current Co-editor, Visual Arts Research.

2015-current Review Board, Journal of Social Theory in Art Education.

2016 Review Board, The SAGE Handbook of Curriculum, Pedagogy, and Assessment.

✶ Review Panels

- Grant reviewer, Creative Schools Fund, Chicago Public Schools and Ingenuity, Inc, 2013-2015.

- Reviewer, Elliott Eisner Doctoral Research Award, National Art Education Association, 2013-current.

✶ Doctoral thesis

Ways of being: Conceptual art modes of operation for pedagogy as contemporary art practice, Ph.D. Dissertation, Pennsylvania State University, University Park, PA, 2011.

✶ Edited Book

Mere and easy: Collage as critical practice in pedagogy. (Champaign: University of Illinois Press, 2016).

✶ Chapters in Books

- Lucero, Jorge. “La Pocha Nostra: Practicing mere life,” In Art and Social Justice education: Culture as Commons, eds. Terese Quinn, Jon Ploof, & Lisa Hochtritt. (New York: Routledge, 2012): pp.107-109.

- Lucero, Jorge. “A Frame. A Study. An Enactment,” book section introductions in Problematizing Public Pedagogy, eds. Jake Burdick, Jennifer A. Sandlin, and Michael P. O’Malley. (New York: Routledge, 2013): pp. 13, 77, and 131.

- Lucero, Jorge. “Long Live the Pedagogical Turn: Brazen Claims Made for the Overflowing Art/Life Intersection and the Longevity of Its Eternal Pedagogy and Study,” in Problematizing Public Pedagogy, eds. Jake Burdick, Jennifer A. Sandlin, and Michael P. O’Malley. (New York: Routledge, 2013): pp. 173-182.

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Bremmer, Melissa; Heijnen, Emiel; and Lucero, Jorge. “School as Material: Modes of operation for teachers as conceptual artists,” in Researching the Arts, Eds. Stella Blom, Maartje Hermsen, Fokke Uiterwaal, and Bert Verveld. (Amsterdam, Holland: Amsterdamse Hogeschool poor de Kunsten, 2018): pp. 38-49.

✶ Articles in Journals

- Lucero, Jorge R. “Polyglot of the Everyday: Alberto Aguilar,” for Art Education vol. 66, No. 1 (January 2013): pp. 25-32.

- Lucero, Jorge R. “Instructional Resource as Permission,” for Art Education vol. 66, No. 1 (January 2013): p. 24.

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- Lucero, Jorge R. and Lewis, Tyson E. “Wallowing in weird passions: A conversation on art, collecting, and studying,” for Visual Arts Research (Summer 2018).

✶ Solo Exhibitions

- NO SHORT HANDS (in exile). Seerveld Gallery, Trinity Christian Collge, Palos Heights, IL. August 28-September 25, 2014.

- The BARACKOBAMAPRESIDENTIALLIBRARY. Southside Hub of Production, Chicago, IL. June 5- August 31, 2015.

✶ Group Exhibitions

- Contemporary Art Practice as Pedagogy. Art Chicago, The Merchandise Mart, Chicago, IL. April 28-May 2, 2011.

- On Making Things Matter: Strategies for preservation. Southside Hub of Production, Chicago, IL. May 26 – June 15, 2012. Curated by Laura Schaffer, John Preus, and Alberto Aguilar.

- YO SOLO, Collaboraction Festival, Flat Iron Building, Chicago, IL. July 16-August 12, 2012. Curated by Edra Soto.

- Painting Background: New Painting Works by Alberto Aguilar and Jorge Lucero. Beverly Art Center, Chicago, IL. August 3- September 16, 2012.

- 21st Evanston Biennial. Evanston Art Center, Evanston, IL. Curated by Shannon Stratton. August 12- September 9, 2012.

- Four Regional Artist Exhibtion, Seerveld Gallery, Trinity Christian College, Palos Heights, IL. June 20 – July 18, 2013.

- El Material Normal Monumental. Garcia Squared Contemporary, Kansas City, MO. October 4- December 27, 2013.

- Material Normal Monumental. Freeark Gallery Riverside Arts Center, Riverside, IL. April 12- May 9, 2015.

- Field of Play. O’Connor Art Gallery, Dominican University, River Forest, IL. Curated by Marcela Andrade. September 9- October 23, 2015.

- Present Standard. Chicago Cultural Center. Curated by Edra Soto and Josue Pellot. January 30-April 24, 2016.

✶ Performances

- MA/PA, Roots and Culture Gallery, Chicago, IL, Invited as part of Alberto Aguilar’s exhibition and performative dinner, A Personal Dinner Invitation (November 5, 2011).

- MA/PA, Southside Hub of Production, Chicago, IL, Invited as part of Alberto Aguilar’s performative dinner, A Personal Dinner Invitation during the exhibition This House is not a Home curated by Laura Shaeffer and John Preus (March 24, 2012).

- Guest lecture all day long (14 hours), Museum of Contemporary Art, Chicago, as part of the Homebodies Exhibition, curated by Naomi Beckwith (September 6-7, 2013).

- Slow Deep Study, Sullivan Galleries, The School of the Art Institute of Chicago, as part of the Public Expeditions: Artist is Present Exhibition, curated by Alvaro Amat and Alberto Aguilar (June 7 to July 14, 2014).

✶ Exhibitions Curated

- Hecho en Casa, Cobalt Studio, Chicago, IL. Conceptualized and co-curated with Alberto Aguilar, selected works, arranged artists’ events and workshops, edited artists’ book which doubles as exhibition catalogue. (June 10-25, 2011).

- Your Stuff in Our Show, Figure One, Champaign, IL. Conceptualized, then co-curated with Assistant Professor of Graphic Design Jimmy Luu, selected work, designed displays. (November 4-26, 2011).

- Home Knowledge Spectacular, North Branch Projects, Chicago, IL. Conceptualized and co-curated with Alberto Aguilar, selected works, arranged artists’ events and workshops. (February 4- March 24, 2012).

✶ Refereed Conference Papers and Presentations

- Lucero, Jorge R.; Springgay, Stephanie; and Gershon, Walter. “Decatur High Talks Words Never Spoken,” Curriculum and Pedagogy Conference, Decatur, GA (October 24, 2008).

- Lucero, Jorge R. “(Pr)Essence Training: Learning to Learn Through the Becoming of Performance Art Group Goat Island,” Graduate Research in Art Education Conference, Teachers College, Columbia University, New York (November 7, 2008).

- Lucero, Jorge R. “The Applicable Aesthetic of Live Art for a Pedagogy of Nearness, or the Other Way Around,” American Education Research Association Conference, San Diego, CA  (April 14, 2009).

- Lucero, Jorge R. “Monument: On Grading the Arts,” National Art Education Association Conference, Baltimore, MD (April 13, 2010).

- Lucero, Jorge R. “Durational Performance: A Proposition for Curriculum and Pedagogy,” The Curriculum and Pedagogy Conference, Akron, OH (October 21, 2010).

- Lucero, Jorge R.; Meier, Mary Elizabeth; Garoian, Charles; and White, John H. “Sustaining Delay: Improvisation as an Emergent Space in Curriculum,” National Art Education Association Conference, Seattle, WA (March 19, 2011).

- Lucero, Jorge R.; Hoctritt, Lisa; Carpenter, B. Stephen; Gude, Olivia M.; Washington, G.E.; et al. “Culture as commons: Contemporary Arts and Social Justice Issues in the Classroom,” National Art Education Conference, Seattle, WA (March 18, 2011).

- Lucero, Jorge R. “Latin American Conceptual Art and Its Proposals for Art Education,” National Art Education Association Conference, Seattle, WA (March 18, 2011).

- Lucero, Jorge. “Contemporary Art Practice as Pedagogy,” National Art Education Association Conference, New York (March 4, 2012).

- Lucero, Jorge. “Conceptual Art Practice as Pedagogy,” National Art Education Association Conference, New York (March 2, 2012).

- Lucero, Jorge. “Mexican Live Art and Its Proposals for an Art Education of Civic Engagement,” National Art Education Association Conference, New York (March 1, 2012).

- Lucero, Jorge and Gude, Olivia. “Evolving New Standards,” Illinois Art Education Association Conference, Lisle, IL (November 2, 2012).

- Lucero, Jorge; Hochtritt, Lisa; Ploof, John; Harris-Lawton, Pamela; and Thulson, Anne. “Drawing Connections Between Community Arts and Higher Education,” National Art Education Association Conference, Fort Worth, TX (March 8, 2013).

- Lucero, Jorge R. “Invisible Works: Conceptual Art Pedagogy for Engagement with the Everyday,” National Art Education Association Conference, Fort Worth, TX (March 8, 2013).

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- Lucero, Jorge R. “Dawn Lines: Three Conference Presentations for Little to No Audiences,” International Zizek Studies Conference, University of Cincinnati, Cincinnati, OH (April 4-6, 2014).

- Lucero, Jorge R.; Konkol, Pamela; Milam, Jennifer; Sonu, Debbie; Ng-A-Fook, Nicholas. “Curriculum Diaspora,” American Education Research Association Conference, Chicago, IL (April 17, 2015).

- Lucero, Jorge R. and Shy, Daviel. “Conditions That Make Possible: Unearthing the Latent Pedagogy in Every House Has A Door,” The 2nd Biennial Performance Philosophy Conference: What can performance philosophy do?. The School of the Art Institute of Chicago, Chicago, IL (April 11, 2015).

- Lucero, Jorge R. “Chicago Style: The Artist/Teacher city,” National Art Education Association Conference, Chicago, IL (March 17, 2016).

- Lucero, Jorge R.; Thulson, Anne; Thomas, Kate; and Denmead, Tyler. “Reimagining Teacher Evaluation Through Motherhood as a Performative Practice,” National Art Education Association Conference, Chicago, IL (March 19, 2016).

✶ Refereed Conference Panels

- Lucero, Jorge R. (Chair). “Be in the World: Making Meaning Through Participation,” American Educational Research Association Conference, Chicago, IL. (April 17, 2015).

- Lucero, Jorge R. (Discussant). “Creative Interventions: Reimagining Transformative Modalities of Storytelling for Disrupting the Hegemony of Curriculum,” American Education Research Association Conference, Washington, D.C. (April 9, 2016).

- Lucero, Jorge R. and Carpenter II, B. Stephen, (Discussants). “Animating the Boundaries of Curriculum: Intersectional Disruptions of Space, Time, Culture, and Dispossession,” American Education Research Association Conference, Washington, D.C. (April 9, 2016).

✶ Images of Artwork Reproduced in Publications

- Stabler, A. (2012, August 1). Review: Yo Solo/Collaboraction. New City, retrieved on January 6, 2016 from http://art.newcity.com/2012/08/01/review-yo-solocollaboraction/

✶ Press (General)

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✶ Press about the group exhibit “Present Standard”

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✶ Visiting Artist Workshops

- The Odyssey School, Denver CO. Worked with 25 middle-schoolers and 17 teachers to create living sculptures. Discussed performance pedagogy and curriculum in a breakout session with teachers after the student/teacher joint session. (March 22, 2012).

- Columbia College Chicago, Teaching Artist Development Studio (TAD Studio). Collaborating with members of Chicago Arts Partnership and Education and Columbia College’s Center for Community Art Partnerships (CCAP) to provide professional development over an eleven week stretch to teaching artists throughout Chicago. (February 7- March 30, 2012).

- Ragdale Foundation, Lake Forest, IL. Teaching Artists Residency, invited lecturer and workshop facilitator. (August 13-14, 2012).

- The Chicago Public Schools (CPS) hired me to work on a time-based performance art work with a group of CPS students. This work was shown under the moniker Alt-City Art at Gallery 37 during the district’s city-wide end of the year exhibition. Collaborating artist, Maria Gaspar. (April 26, 2013).


✶ Public Engagement

2011 Consultant, Senn Arts High School, Chicago Public Schools. Developed a innovative comprehensive curriculum, arts objectives, assessments, and scope and sequence in collaboration with the school’s faculty for the school’s transition from a “neighborhood” school to an arts magnet school.

2012 Board member, Every House has a Door (Performance Art Group). Duties include attending meetings and performances; as well as consulting on pedagogical, arts-fundraising, and creative practice.

2012-2014 Lead provider of Professional development, Lake Zurich, IL K-12 School District #95. Professional development included artistic and curriculum development, mission statement development, assessment, and scope and sequence development.

2014-current Member, Chicago Arts Partnership in Education’s (CAPE) Community Advisory Council.

2015 Consultant, Sam Francis Foundation, Creativity Matters Think Tank. Arts leaders from the multiple cities convened to respond and develop proposals for thinking around “creativity” and the future. A report was produced: http://samfrancisfoundation.org/wpcontent/uploads/2016/01/CM-summary_final.pdf

2016 Consultant, Ingenuity, Inc.. Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment Professional Learning Track. Duties include advising, formulating, and implementing professional development for teaching-artists who partner with Chicago Public Schools to provide unique arts education to more than forty schools in the city.

2016 Lead Consultant, Chicago Public Schools and The Terra Foundation. ARTview. Duties include designing the professional learning components around specific Latin American Contemporary Art works and their correlation to Latin American Studies curriculum implemented by art teachers throughout the entire district.

✶ Service to Disciplinary and Professional Societies or Associations

2013-2015 Chair and respondent for Chicago Curriculum Studies Student Symposium. University of Illinois at Chicago.

2014-2016 Program Chair for the American Educational Research Association (AERA) Division B (Curriculum Studies) for two separate conferences, Chicago and Washington DC.