Jorge Lucero is a Mexican-American artist who currently serves as Associate Professor of Art Education in the  School of Art + Design at University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign. He served as Chair of Art Education from 2016-19. Lucero received his Master degree and PhD from The Pennsylvania State University and his undergraduate degree from The School of the Art Institute of Chicago. Prior to moving into higher education Lucero happily taught art and art history at the Chicago Public School, Northside College Prep

As part of his lifelong work to test the material and conceptual pliability of "school" Lucero participates in and around the academy in every manner possible. He has exhibited, performed, published, presented on, served as editor and reviewer, and taught through his work in galleries, schools and school districts, books, journals, conferences, workshops, museums, community organizations, performances, advisory boards, and artist residencies. Exhibitions that Lucero has participated in have been written about and covered in ArtForumSculptureNewCity; the Chicago Tribune; the Sun-TimesGaper's BlockDNAinfo, WTTW's Chicago; and the PBS Digital Studio

Lucero is the editor of the compendium Mere and Easy: Collage as a Critical Practice in Pedagogy (2016, U of I Press)** and has served as co-editor of the scholarly journal Visual Arts Research since 2015. Previously Lucero served as the Instructional Resources Editor for the journal Art Education (2012-14). He currently sits on various review boards including the Journal of Social Theory in Art Education (JSTAE) and the Journal of Cultural Research in Art Education (jCRAE).  Lucero has been a long-time assistant editor for the Journal of Curriculum and Pedagogy published by Taylor & Francis.

In the academic year 2017-18 Lucero participated in three variations on the artist residency. First, Lucero and his graduate students participated in a semester-long collaboration with the Pedagogical Impulse (based out of Toronto). Later in that year THEJORGELUCEROSTUDYCOLLECTION was invited to travel to the University of North Texas for four months as part of a collaboration that involved, not only the exchange of materials, but  an active pedagogical/artistic discourse between graduate students at UNT, Lucero, and his studycollection. Finally, Lucero undertook a simultaneous artist residency at the Amsterdam University of the Arts called Teacher as Conceptual Artist. This project involved workshops with participating Dutch teaching-artists and their students; as well as a public symposium, the design and creation of a poster, and an exhibition at the gallery Framer Framed. 

Lucero's work is not possible without the generosity and enthusiasm of so many people. In many indescribable ways Lucero's work is defined by the people who he is privileged to live alongside. Aside from his family, many of those people find their names on this alphabetical list in-progress.

**Read reviews of Mere and Easy here: Wabash Center; and here, IJETA


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