THEJORGELUCEROSTUDYCOLLECTION is a modest art library and ephemera archive assembled by artist and educator Jorge Lucero during his various teaching appointments across the midwest. The STUDYCOLLECTION is a roving site which is currently housed in the School of Art and Design (room 127), at the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign. The STUDYCOLLECTION is open to the public during the winter months (approximately mid-November to early March), but only while school is in session. You can visit the STUDYCOLLECTION during its singular hour of operation, Mondays from 4 to 5pm. Browsing, study, quiet reading, and open discussion is encouraged while the STUDY COLLECTION is open. Ceramic mugs are available for free tea drinking during our open hour.

THEJORGELUCEROSTUDYCOLLECTION is a repository for books, journals, and videos on Conceptual Art, performance art, Latin American Contemporary Art, the art of Chicago, collage, art education, curriculum theory, critical pedagogy, critical theory, religion, and philosophy. 

The special holdings of the STUDYCOLLECTION is proud to have acquired a twenty-five volume sampling of self-published books by the Chicago based duo Temporary Services in 2015. We are also the home to a robust assembly of published works by the performance groups Goat Island and Every House has a Door, as well as an--almost complete--collection of books authored by and about the experimental composer, artist, and teacher John Cage. We are proud to also be holders of a first edition copy of Herman Melville's Moby Dick, beautifully illustrated by Rockwell Kent (Random House, 1930), as well as a carefully curated assortment of art books in Spanish. 

In the early summer of 2017 the STUDYCOLLECTION was gifted the entire art periodical archive of the preeminent historian of Modern and Contemporary art, Jonathan Fineberg. The archive consists of fifty years worth of the germinal magazines Art in America, Art News, ArtForum, Art International, Art Journal, Raw Vision, and others (see image below). This part of THEJORGELUCEROSTUDYCOLLECTION is the first (and maybe last) to be exhibited outside of the STUDYCOLLECTION's confines in Fall 2017. It was exhibited at the Krannert Art Museum. 


Finally, the STUDYCOLLECTION is happy to be the humble home of a hodgepodge selection of important artworks, posters, objects, and tidbits of significance. At the collection visitors can view one of only fifty existing Workboxes, an artist book co-authored by Cupola Bobber and performance philosopher Laura Cull. Other practitioners included in this area of the STUDYCOLLECTION are: Alberto Aguilar, Bruce NaumanStephanie SpringgayRoger BrownJanine AntoniJay RyanJim Duignan and Stockyard Institute, Angela Baldus, Ryan GriffisPanhandle SlimLiz BornYoko Ono, Edra Soto, Pedro Reyes, and Charlie Roderick. This part of the STUDYCOLLECTION also carries a spectacular wealth of drawings and objects created by Lucero's children.

The STUDYCOLLECTION is non-circulating. It is the primary mission of the STUDY COLLECTION to be a forum for conviviality, especially over these unique items within this particular place and time, therefore we are unable to lend our holdings. Some exceptions can be made on a case by case basis. All request to borrow items must be made in person.

Chief curator, lead educator, and archivist, Jorge Lucero, says this about the STUDY COLLECTION: "Sometimes books are heavy, but not if you carry them in small batches and with others".



THEJORGELUCEROSTUDYCOLLECTION holds no special events other than the singular event of being open during its designated time each week. Visitors to the STUDYCOLLECTION have made reasonable suggestions about specific public events that could potentially increase the number of visitors and the visibility of the STUDYCOLLECTION (e.g. public readings, organized discussions, screenings or listening events, etc.). Although these suggestions are appreciated and understood as coinciding with other models of how similar spaces are normally participated in, the mission of the STUDYCOLLECTION is not necessarily to be consumed en masse or to provide purposeful entertainment of any sort. The staff of the STUDYCOLLECTION is perfectly at ease with nothing (or the appearance of nothing) happening during the open times of the STUDYCOLLECTION.