Teacher as conceptual artist, Amsterdam (2018)

Teacher as conceptual artist, Amsterdam was a four-month-long project Jorge Lucero enacted through the AHK Research Group Art Education and in collaboration with teaching-artists from the Amsterdam University of the Arts with their k-12 students. The Dutch iteration of Teacher as conceptual artist has so far been manifested as a weekend of February workshops, a chance-operated salad buffet, a poster/take-away (designed by Meeusontwerpt), and a symposium and  exhibition held at the gallery Framer Framed in Amsterdam. Several publications around this work are in-progress.

The photos available on this page capture different aspects of the project. The video below previews the exhibition that took place at Framer Framed. In early June 2018, Jean Carlo Medina (of Framer Framed) and Lucero sat down for a chat  in the atrium of the Stedelijk Art Museum. The conversation was published later that month in the Framer Framed magazine.

Many thanks go to all the people who facilitated the project, including Emiel Heijnen, Melissa Bremmer, and Sanne Kersten of the AHK Research Group Art Education; Josein Pieterse, Minouche  Wardenaar, and Jean Carlo Medina of Framer Framed, photographer Thomas Lenden, and the teaching artists who participated in the project: Johanna Biesewig, Rogier Dasselaar, Rosie Derksen, Anita Ebrahimi, Ella Jonker, Marjolein Karman, Maarten Koole, Lisanne Meijers, Milou Pistor, Kari-anne Souwer, Tibor van der Brink, Lili van Doorninck, Sanne van Elk, Meke Vrienten, and Jente Witte. 

Video preview of the exhibition Teacher as conceptual artist at Framer Framed, Amsterdam, 2018

Images of Teacher as conceptual artist (start to finish): Symposium, exhibition, workshops, process, in the schools, via SKYPE. Click, tap, or swipe to view as a slideshow. 

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